What should the invoice contain?

If you are self-employed then you have probably wondered what your invoice should contain. This is a step that you unfortunately cannot avoid. Sooner or later you will need to produce invoices and send them to your customers. There are a great many people who think this process is difficult and complicated and therefore they avoid doing it as much as possible. But it doesn’t have to be. Making invoices is not difficult and in this article you should get some tips on what the invoice should contain. With BQ Accounting as your accounting firm you get all the help you need in invoicing, but it can’t hurt to know a little yourself!

What does the Accounting Act say?

A good starting point when making invoices is to check what the law says about it all. According to the Accounting Act, each invoice must have the following items:

A date for when it was compiled
To whom the invoice is (the customer)
When the actual business event happened
Specification of what the invoice means
The amount to be paid

What requirements does the VAT Act have on invoices?

In addition to the Accounting Act, there is also another law that also says some things about how your invoice must be designed. It is the Value Added Tax Act and it says that your invoice must contain the following:

A unique serial number (no invoice must have the same number)
The VAT that must be paid
Both the seller’s and the buyer’s name and address
Seller’s registration number
The VAT rate (s) that will apply
Quantity and nature of the goods

If you only have these points in your invoice, you do not have to worry about much else! Your invoice will also be great, everything the customer needs to pay will be there. You can also have your own design on your invoice.

Other tips for billing:

Have an invoice template saved

Keeping track of exactly what your invoice should contain can be tricky but with a little practice you will be really good at it. To make invoicing a little easier and easier, you can always save an invoice as a template. The only thing you really need to do is change some things like the amount and the serial number, besides this, many invoices are pretty much the same. Then you do not need to keep track of everything that the invoice should contain either because everything is in your template. It’s just really smart and simple.

See what other companies do!

Another thing that you can do to easily see what should be on your invoice besides what is required by law is to look at other invoices that you receive. Every month you will certainly receive quantities of invoices from different companies, you will certainly receive bills for electricity, telephony and rent. Check what the companies have included in their invoices and take inspiration from it for your own invoices. Larger companies that send invoices to you already know how to do it and they have a lot of experience in the subject. Therefore, take inspiration from those who already can, it will make your invoices look much more professional.


In the article we have provided some information to you who may have just started a company or just want general advice on what an invoice should contain. We’ve gone over what the two laws say about your invoices. Just follow these laws and you should not have any legal problems with your invoices. Then we also have a lot of tips to give you like saving an invoice as a template. You can then create this template to make more invoices in the future. You can also take inspiration from the larger companies and their invoices. Contact us for more information or help with your billing!

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