Let an authorised
accountancy firm handle your bookkeeping Choosing an authorized accountancy firm is a guarantee that your accounting will be managed professionally, regardless of who carries out the work.

Authorized Accounting Consultant:

The title of Authorised Accounting Consultant was launched in 2006 and is obtained from SRF and FAR. An Accounting Consultant undergoes quality control every six years and must undertake continuous professional development. Approval requires theoretical knowledge in accounting, taxation and certain laws which correspond to the academic level. At least five years’ practical experience of working as an Accounting Consultant is required. The Authorised Accounting Consultant must work in accordance with REKO (the Swedish standard for accountancy services). This is a framework aimed at achieving high-quality accounting and reporting. When REKO’s requirements are fulfilled, the Authorised Accounting Consultant must draw up a year-end report for the client.

Calculation consultants are covered by the legislation on money laundering and must report to the Money Laundering Register under the Swedish Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (2009: 62). Accountancy consultants must also report to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority if they suspect money laundering or that the company is being used to finance terrorism. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne County Councils carry out inspections of all authorised accounting consultants and ensure that they have procedures for reporting to the financial police, staff training and protection of their personnel.

Despite the fact that financial reporting is an important part of a company’s activities, there are no formal requirements for the person carrying out the work. Even those carrying out accountancy services on behalf of others can do this without having any specific training or authorisation. By choosing an authorised accounting consultant, you ensure that the person carrying out the work:

  • Has extensive training which is regularly updated through approved courses and training sessions.
  • Has been examined and approved by one of the two industry organisations – SRF or FAR.
  • Is inspected by their trade organisation at regular intervals.
  • Complies with current laws and regulations and also helps you to do this.
  • Has the right to draw up a year-end report – an attestation that your bookkeeping is in order.
  • Has liability insurance.

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