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At BQ Redovisning we help you with all aspects of your finances. We focus on your unique requirements, providing everything from complete solutions to individual assignments.

Continuous bookkeeping
Year-end/annual report
Payroll administration





Declarations, VAT and taxes for all types of company

Finding an accountancy firm has never been easier! Entrepreneurs often find the complex area of accounting stressful due to a lack of knowledge. But with us as your accountancy firm, you have someone to help you with all or part of your ongoing bookkeeping. We adapt to your needs and make sure you get quality assured accountancy and help from a personal advisor. Ongoing bookkeeping includes everything from bookkeeping Post and paying suppliers' invoices to sending out customer invoices and reminders. Of course we report to the authorities when required, and are always available to support you when needed. We aim to make your bookkeeping process digital and web-based. Therefore we offer a web-based business system with intelligent solutions that save time and make the process more straightforward and efficient.

Our paquetes de negocios always include:

• Continuous bookkeeping
• Payroll administration
• Accounts receivable
• Supplier accounts receivable
• Incoming and outgoing payments
• Cash outlays







We know that annual accounts can be stressful, so we manage the whole thing for you!

Vi sköter hela bokslutet åt erFinancial statements must be prepared every year, regardless of form of company. Limited liability companies and economic associations are also required to submit an annual report to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. For those limited liability companies that retain an auditor, an auditor's report must also be submitted with the annual report. At BQ Redovisning, we help you to prepare everything you need for the annual accounts, and we handle all contacts with the auditors. All year-end material is prepared in accordance with current rules and standards. In addition to this, we prepare and submit the income tax return to the Swedish Tax Agency and help you with your K10.

Our paquetes de negocios always include:

• Annual report
• Annual Accounts
• Accruals
• Depreciations
• Appropriations
• Income tax returns

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Deklarera och bokför hos BQ redovinsingDeklarationer, moms och skatter; Vi sköter hela biten!

There are many questions and issues when you have to submit declarations or draw up reports. What are input and output VAT, how much tax should you pay, and why does F-tax change when you pay the final tax? We have worked with these issues for many years, with everything from self-employed individuals to large limited liability companies. With us, you don't need to worry about what to declare. Simply give your financial documents to us and we will do the work so that you can save energy and spend time on what's important to you.

Our paquetes de negocios always include:

• Tax declarations
• Reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency
• VAT declarations
• Employer Returns
• Income tax returns
• K10











Låt BQ redovisning ordna med lönerna

Effektiv lönehantering med Sveriges tryggaste redovisningsbyrå.

När det kommer till löneadministration finns en hel värld med lagar, regler och komplicerade paragrafer i alla branscher som kan kännas överväldigande. På B.Q Redovisning hanterar vi utöver bokföring och redovisning även löneuträkningar, rapportering till myndigheter, deklarationer och annat som kan kännas överväldigande för er som driver bolag.  Med oss finns alltid en professionell rådgivare till hands som sköter allt detta och svarar på de frågor ni har.

Our paquetes de negocios always include:

• Payroll runs
• Lagar
• Holiday
• Rapportering
• Employer's returns

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Här håller ni er uppdaterade med alla nyheter som rör bokföring, moms, lagar med mera

Här uppdaterar vi om viktiga händelser för företagare.

Som företagare och ägare av ett bolag vill man vara uppdaterad om alla nyheter som uppstår utan att behöva bli expert eller förstå finansiella termer. Varje dag sker det ändringar på dem olika företags segmenten här kan du kolla närmare på hur dem olika lagar och regler ändras utan krångliga termer. Vi ser till att du får dem viktigaste företags nyheterna, uppdateringarna och all aktuell information som är viktigt för dig som företagare.

På sidan News håller ni er uppdaterade på allt som rör bokföring och redovisning:

• Nya lagar och regler som rör företagare
• Viktiga datum för skatt- och momsregler
• Uppdateringar från B.Q Redovisning


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En trygg redovisningsbyrå med fasta priser

We provide the best prize packages for bookkeeping and accounting.

Business Package Mini

SEK1995/per month
  • The package is aimed at companies with an annual turnover of up to SEK 1 million, one employee and 50 supporting vouchers per month:
  • Continuous bookkeeping
  • Payroll administration
  • Reporting VAT and employer contributions
  • Financial statements/annual Report
  • Income tax returns
  • Complete accounting and reporting

Enterprise Package Large

SEK6995/per month
  • The package is aimed at companies with an annual turnover of up to SEK 6 million, 10 employees and 250 supporting vouchers per month:
  • Continuous bookkeeping
  • Payroll administration
  • Reporting VAT and employer contributions
  • Financial statements/annual Report
  • Income tax returns
  • Complete accounting and reporting

What our clients think of us

Read what our clients say about our services:

Our knight in shining armour!

"At Fruktkuriren we often work under a great deal of pressure. Lots of suppliers, high staff turnover and lots of invoices mean that it's very easy to miss something. I was never really happy with our financial stuff before we engaged BQ as our accountancy firm. Warmly recommended!"

logga fruktkuriren AB

Anna Nilsson
MD, Fruktkuriren i Sverige AB

A wonderful partnership!

"Your high levels of service and flexibility mean that here at Galo Bemanning we feel safe to let go of our financial and payroll administration and instead concentrate on what we're good at. This is a partnership that works really well, and I can't imagine how we coped before!"

Ana Lozanovaya, referens, bokföringsfirma stockholm

Jacob Bergström
MD, Galo Bemanning

A flexible accountancy firm!

"At GB, we have a very high stress factor. BQ Redovisning has genuinely taken the time to understand us as a company, and they're always there for us when we have a question about something we don't understand. They've given us excellent advice and have truly exceeded our expectations."

Sverker Remius
MD, GB grossisten i Stockholm

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Thinking about starting your own business? We can help you with everything from advice to start-up, regardless of the company form. BQ Redovisning will guide you every step of the way, helping you feel secure after you've taken the big decision!

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Finding the right person for your business can be difficult. We look for the skills that you need for your company. Our effective solutions bring you the best the employment market can offer, entirely without risk.

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