Start a company or other form of business?
– we can advise you! We give you the help you need to draw up all the documents to start your own business and can devote time for your business concept!

Starting a Business

Resorting to the internet isn’t the most secure choice when you need answers to your questions about starting a company or some other form of business. It’s good to get the help you need right from the start. The choice of form of company, tax issues and VAT registration, a business plan, budget, insurance and salaries – these are the things that need thinking about. With Sweden’s most secure accountancy firm, you get the help you need to start a company and get started with your business concept!

Starting your own business can be a big decision and it is always good to have the right support from the start. BQ Accounting helps you organize the creation of your new company.

Starting a company or some other form of business: what should you think about?

Thinking of starting a limited liability company? The first thing you need to do is draw up the company’s articles of association. As founder, you need to draw up a memorandum of association, which is signed by all founders, and decide the value of each share. You then choose the name of the company and important roles for any other founders. When this has been done, it’s time to subscribe for the shares and complete the register of shareholders. The minimum share capital for a private limited liability company is SEK 50,000. When the sum has been paid in, the bank issues an attestation that you send to the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The Swedish Companies Registration Office then reviews this and decides whether or not to approve the registration.


When the registration has been approved, the limited liability company becomes a legal entity with a unique company registration number. Limited liability companies over a certain size also need an auditor authorised by the Swedish Inspectorate of Auditors. And finally, a principal must be reported to the Swedish Companies Registration Office no more than four weeks after registration of the limited liability company. BQ Redovisning helps you with advice, budgeting, paperwork and registration so that you have more time for your business concept.

To start a trading partnership, the partners starting it must have an oral or written agreement to run a business in Sweden together. The agreement need not be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, but it is always recommended to have it in writing and signed by all partners. After the agreement has been signed, the trading partnership is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office for one or more counties where you want to run the business. The Swedish Companies Registration Office checks the information and then registers the trading partnership. The trading partnership becomes a legal unit and is allocated a company registration number. Unlike a limited liability company, the partners bear personal responsibility for the debts of the trading partnership.

When you have decided to start as a sole trader, you should first register this with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. You also apply through them for an F-tax certificate, and register it for VAT. Many sole traders choose to report VAT on an annual basis, but this must be approved and the Swedish Companies Registration Office can decide on some other time period for VAT reporting. You also need to register as an employer with the Swedish TaxAgency, if applicable. As a sole trader, we provide the help you need to register your business, in addition to the right financial advice from our authorised accounting consultants. Take a look at our complete packages for sole traders.

When you start your own company, it’s important to work to build up your business, make it profitable and develop it when required. At the same time, keeping track of all the new financial laws and regulations and spending a lot of time on paperwork can mean that you don’t have much time left for other things. As a client of BQ Redovisning, we deal with all your paperwork, giving you more time to spend on your core business. Starting a limited liability company or other form of enterprise is easy with us. Therefore we give you a tailored quote to suit your needs, with personal advice at every step of the way. We’re with you right from the start!

Our corporate package always include:

  • Company registration
  • Budget to present to the bank
  • Principal reporting
  • Application for F-tax certificate
  • VAT Registration
  • Employer registration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Auditor selection

We deal with everything when you want to
start a limited liability company, trading partnership, sole tradership or association!

At BQ Redovisning, we look after everything from the
point at which you have your business concept to it being a fully functioning company!

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