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Financial Advice

Many entrepreneurs can benefit from financial advice. Often it is related to how to draw up an employment contract, rental agreement or customer and supplier agreement. As an entrepreneur, you can also often need help when it’s time for negotiations or to make calculations of various kinds.

The right support with financial advice can make the difference in all decisions that have an impact on the company’s future. Make sure you have the right firm at your side!

A secure financial situation begins with good financial advice

As an entrepreneur, the right advice and help often make a big difference. Running a company is time-consuming and you might often miss the details and can’t find answers about specific business and finance issues. So getting the right financial advice means that you have the support you need and someone to discuss ideas with. If you need to increase your budget for the next year, conduct salary negotiations or work out where you can save money, qualified help is available.

As a decision maker, you have the security that helps you take the company to the next level without worrying whether the outcome will be what you were hoping for. An Authorised Accounting Consultant will be familiar with your business and work with you to draw up plans. You get advice on subjects such as budgeting, laws and regulations, and your company’s opportunities for growth. Your advisor is always available and this makes decisions easier to take!

With us as your accountancy firm, you always have access to tailored, proactive advice based on your company’s circumstances and needs. Proactive advice gives you as an entrepreneur good opportunities to look to the future on the basis of reliable information. We help you with important financial events and decisions. You also have a better idea of what the future may bring and can work confidently on the things you feel are important.

Our aim is for you as an entrepreneur to always feel confident that there are knowledgeable people and the right help behind any decision you take. The type of financial advice that you and your company need depends entirely on what type of company it is, the kind of activities you do and what you want help with. Our authorised accounting consultants always work on the basis of your business, giving you the help you need to develop and cope with the challenges of the future.

Our corporate package always include:

  • Business development advice
  • Market Analysis
  • Budget Advice
  • Tax Advice
  • VAT management advice
  • Declarations

Do you need a budget, market analysis or other information to make important decisions?

With Sweden’s most secure accountancy firm, you get proactive advice
and personal advice for all your important decisions.

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