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About Us:

BQ Redovisning has deep, broad experience of all of the services we provide. We work with both small and large companies, as well as private individuals who need help with bookkeeping and accounting services. We have continuous internal education and training to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest in tax regulations and law, so that as our client you're always guaranteed the right advice.


A completely new way of looking at accounting and bookkeeping;


Why we started BQ Redovisning.

BQ Redovisning was started by two energetic finance nerds in Stockholm. After hearing the same complaints from entrepreneurs during our time as employees, we decided to start something completely unique!


"Bookkeeping is so complicated!" "I wish payroll administration could be handled more efficiently!" "It's always stressful before the end of the financial year!" "I'd hoped it would be easier to start my own business!" – These are things that many entrepreneurs bring up and there's never been a solution to these issues – until now!


With many years of education, training and experience in corporate finance, we decided to simplify the entire financial management process and make it more straightforward for entrepreneurs. This led to us sitting down in Stockholm City Library one rainy summer evening and starting to formulate our business concept: A complete solution that would enable entrepreneurs to avoid getting sidetracked with the accounting side of their business!


A modern accountancy firm with a personal touch.


Our Vision

Our mission is to have a modern accountancy firm that's also personal. As a client, you shall be able to submit material and get your reports and budget plans online. We believe very strongly in digitisation and always work with the latest technologies to simplify our clients' bookkeeping. At the same time, we believe that our customers should have access to their accountancy firm for personal advice and to have someone to turn to via telephone or in person without lots of extra costs. Our customers should be able to ask their accountancy firm about anything relating to finance. Not just bookkeeping and the end of the financial year. As Sweden's most secure accountancy firm, we want to offer our customers the best of two worlds!


Our working methods

Our working methods haven't changed since we first began. We want to give entrepreneurs time to develop their business and do what they're best at. We understand that it can be difficult to do when you simultaneously need to understand bookkeeping, invoicing, annual accounts and payroll administration. Nor do you want to worry about what accountancy will cost and when. So we always get to know your business and offer a fixed price that covers every aspect of your financial situation. As a client, you will always have a personal contact person in our firm who you can turn to so that you get the very best help. Your contact person will be familiar with your business and understand your needs in terms of budgeting, bookkeeping, payroll administration and lots more besides. Our staff always strive to have the most satisfied clients. By learning about your business and your company's vision, you get an invaluable finance partner!


Today there are many accountancy firms that offer digital solutions, but they lack the human factor. We call ourselves Sweden's most secure accountancy firm to show how important we think that is. BQ Redovisning is a modern firm in all aspects, and we love digital technology – but we also understand the need for personal advice. Come over for a coffee, give us a ring or invite us for a chat in your offices! All of our business packages include financial advice, which has meant that we are growing even faster than we had expected. We're glad to be able to do what we're best at and make a difference for other people at the same time.


As our client, you will always have our complete attention!

As our client, you can send receipts and invoices via our partner's app, website or email. We make sure that it's processing the right way and we send reports to keep you up-to-date with everything! All our clients are equally important to us – regardless of whether you engage us to manage your entire financial administration or just individual tasks. 


We are members of the Association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll Consultants.

We are registered for corporate taxation.

All of our employees are insured.


LUIS; The visionary

Luis loves to discuss ideas with other people. If you have a question or are unsure about something, , Luis always has the answers. What makes Luis special is his happy attitude to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You'll never find Luis in anything other than a great mood!

HADIL; The careful One

Of course we're all careful in this business, but Hadil never lets the tiniest detail slip past! ! With eight years' experience in the industry, she's the person every company wishes they had on their staff. She's organised, knows her stuff thoroughly and loves a good laugh!

KAROLINA; Paragrafryttaren

Karolina är den i gruppen som kan allt om lagar och regler. Hon vet exakt allt som händer i Bolagsverket, Skatteverket och andra myndigheter. Karolina är vårt eget uppslagsverk på kontor och älskar det hon jobbar med!

ADRIANA; The busy bee

Adriana loves to work! Regardless of whether it's in the office, on her morning commute or at lunchtime, you have to be careful not to disturb Adriana in work mode. Adriana makes sure that there are always refreshments in the office and needs at least three cups of coffee a day!

Malin; Superwoman!

Malin är en personalfavorit redan efter en månad på BQ! Hennes extra-glad attityd, höga arbetstempo och strävan efter att ha 100% nöjda kunder gör att vi inte vet hur vi klarade oss utan henne! 

IBRAHIM; The bon vivant

Ibrahim är vår IT konsult och hjälper BQ Teamet med allt som rör hemsidan, annonseringen och sökmotoroptimeringen via SEO Gruppen. Hans expertis gör honom ovärderlig för oss!

FREDY; The account expert

All of our customers love Fredy! He handles our accounts and make sure that our clients' wishes become reality. Fredy sends out cinema tickets, dinner invitations and wants the most satisfied clients in Sweden!

MIRIAM; Den energiske!

Miriam är ny i teamet men visar redan framfötterna som redovisningskonsult! Hon är energisk, glad och dricker inte kaffe(!?). Redan under sin korta tid på BQ har hon blivit en kundfavorit!

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