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Analys, prognos och strategi som hjälper
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With the aim of helping you as a company to develop your business and reach new levels, we offer the service “Business Development”. This package includes leadership development, help to set clear goals for the business and to develop internal and external processes. The service is subject to a fixed-price basic structure and the possibility for additional services in addition.

Analyzing strengths and weaknesses in order to develop the business is important in order to be able to deal with future challenges. That’s where BQ Accounting comes in.

Vikten av affärsutveckling för nya och etablerade företag

As an entrepreneur and/or management company, it is often easy to get caught up in the operational work and miss taking time for long-term and strategic development work. Therefore, we at BQ Redovisning in order to help you as a company to develop your business and reach new levels, the service “Business Development”.

This package includes, among other things, the use of the european union and the european the following elements:

  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Market analysis
  • Develop and define internal and external processes
  • Setting clear goals for your business
  • Organizational development

Tjänsten omfattas dels av ett grundupplägg med fast pris samt möjlighet för ytterligare tjänster utöver. För mer information kontakta oss!

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